We follow an integrated design research approach where we generate knowledge by designing innovative solutions for societal issues. The solutions in turn are used during studies to generate knowledge about for example how to influence people’s (playing) behavior, how to design intelligent persuasive systems and how to involve different stakeholders in the design process.

Ongoing Research Projects

I-PE (Intelligent Play Environments)

How to design intelligent play environments with engaging player experiences, using decentralized solutions and an open-ended approach.

Funding: Creative Industry Scientific Programme (2011-2015)
Project members: Pepijn Rijnbout, Linda de Valk, Tilde Bekker, Mark de Graaf, Berry Eggen, Ben Schouten
Collaboration: TU Delft, Almende, Kompan, The PatchingZone, InnoSportLab Sport & Beweeg!, Driessens & Verstappen, Sports & Technology


klosThis project is about using playful interaction and citizen science for an alternative to science education, especially the role of the public library in Eindhoven.

Funding: Gemeente Eindhoven
Project members: Erik van der Spek, Ben Schouten
Collaboration: Public Library Eindhoven, Ijsfontijn (Amsterdam), University of Utrecht, Erasmus University

 Grey but Mobile

This project aims to create care-related mobility product service systems for the increasing ageing community to live independently and stay socially connected. At PI, we are interested to design playful motivations to support elderly to stay physical and social mobile.
Funding: CRISP project (2011-2014).
Project members: Ehsan Baha, Lu Yuan, Aarnout Brombacher
Collaboration: Design Academy, TU Twente, etc.


FieldLab_EindhovenThis project aims to stimulate innovation and new business creation in the sport sector by developing an EU network of field-labs focused on sport. We are interested in how to support multi-stakeholder design processes in the innovation initiation stage by combining user-centered design and business process design; and designing playful innovative sport motivation solutions.

Funding: EU Interreg IVB NWE Program (2011-2014)
Project members: Pelin Atasoy, Tilde Bekker, Lu Yuan, Berry Eggen, Aarnout Brombacher
Collaboration: Sport and Technology, TU/e, TU Delft, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Ulster, Howest University College, City of Eindhoven, City of Delft, City of Kortrijk, Sheffield City Council

Play-Fit: Designing Casual Active Moments of Play for Teenagers

tumblr_mo2yfoHHeu1rcld09o2_500How to design playful interactions for teenagers in school contexts, that persuade teenagers to play in a casually active way.

Funding: SIA RaakPro program, 2010-2014.
Project members: Rob Tieben, Tilde Bekker, Ben Schouten
Collaboration: Fontys ICT (Janienke Sturm, Menno Deen), Fontys Sport, Mondial College, Kandinsky College, Rooipannen Eindhoven, RANJ Serious Games, NISB, Embedded Fitness

Serious Games

aestheticsVarious research lines into how serious games (e.g. games for learning) should be designed to be more effective. For instance, how the choice for either a fantasy or realistic setting in story and UI influences deep learning, immersion and engagement.

Funding: TU/e
Project members: Erik van der Spek
Collaboration: T-Xchange

Design for Persuasive Games and Playful Interaction

klosThis project is about 1) Literacy (UU), 2 Design Research (TU/e) and 3) Validation of Persuasive Games and Playful Interaction in general as well in specific domains (Health & Education).

Funding: Stichting Nederlands Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO)
Project members: Ben Schouten, Tilde Bekker, Erik van der Spek, Vacature (phD)
Collaboration: University of Utrecht, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Ijsfontijn, Submarine

SIXPAC  (Social Interaction to eXcite Physical ACtivity)

sixpac1The SixPac project aimed at using social media and games to stimulate sports, play and physical activity in public spaces, in collaboration with Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Funding: Raakpro (May 2012- August 2013).
Project members: Tilde Bekker
Collaboration: Fontys ICT (Serious Gaming Lectorate), TU/e (Industrial Design), Univ. Aarhus, and Group-T Leuven and 5 Dutch companies.


sixpac2The European M4all project, on designing Kinect-based games for children with special needs (December 2012 – December 2014).

Funding: Lifelong Learning, subprogramme Development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practice for Lifelong Learning
Project members: Koen de Greef, Tilde Bekker, Erik van der Spek, Ben Schouten
Collaboration: Politecnico di Milano, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, University of Piraeus Research Center (UPRC), Centro Benedetta D’Intino Milan.

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