Playful Learning Toolkits for Children

Mitch Resnick, the famous director of the LifeLong learning Lab of MIT, has always promoted learning through doing, which can be done with building sets such as MindStorms, LittleBits and Raspberry Pi. However, new toolkits are required for teaching young children to develop skills, such as digital literacy. Such toolkits should combine learning about design thinking and digital fabrication. Providing simple building blocks, that allow quick explorations, and different materials for expression are some of the starting requirements for such a toolkit. Also providing a simple design process that can be easily followed by children.

Understanding of technology /digital literacy is part of 21st century skills, which will need to be included in the curriculum of the near future: this is an educational innovation opportunity!

NB: The project is NOT about teaching children about programming and maths, it is about teaching children the value of technology in society!