Adap-tive/able Music

This project follows in the footsteps of the ORFF project where children were the target group for designing new musical instruments. ‘Easy to learn hard to master’ was the key term in that project. It led to a few very nice controllers [1,2]. The key term for this new project could be ‘adaptive* music making’ which is also an old interest of Playful Interactions.

The main stakeholder in this project is STEIM, an institution specialized in the making of musical instruments in Amsterdam. STEIM was founded as an institute for artists. Artists could come with their ideas for musical instruments to STEIM and STEIM would help them to actually make them. Gradually their interest shifted to education and special interest groups which
makes them an interesting partner for ID.

At the moment STEIM works together with the van Boeijen clinic in a concrete project to make 50 new (adaptable) instruments but STEIM is also looking at other special interest groups to implement their instrumental knowledge. Key sentences are:

• An instrument is fun
• Relieving (emotional) stress
• Empower this people.
• Aid physical movement / therapy

Your instrument will be designed for a particular interest group. In general we target at Physical and mentally impaired people that are institutionalized or receive other intensive care:

• Genetic cases like down syndrome
• Handicapped as a result of accident or stroke.
• Dementia
• Your own proposal

Interesting results can be showcased. There are contacts with ‘Join the Beat’, Discovery festival, cinekid.