Children with cancer often wind up having learning difficulties, as well as less developed social skills. In the children’s cancer hospital ‘Prinses Maxima Centrum’, an environment is being created to stimulate the on-going development of the children.
To stimulate social interaction between children, an environment to engage the children in social play is being developed. As this is still a very broad subject, following criteria were set:
Inspire children to leave their rooms
Make walking around fun
Turn interaction and communication into an adventure.
Trail is a different world, a second layer placed over the hospital environment. Using the camera of a tablet (augmented reality) a child can walk through the hospital, while this new world unveils itself on the screen. Strange footsteps draw their attention, and invite them to walk around and explore the hospital, in search for the source of the footsteps. Find hints and help each other, in order to find the hidden elements.