Fred: a lamp with soul

Fred is not just an ordinary lamp it is an interactive lamp with own personality!
Fred is an outcome of the project bugged 2.0.

Fred is not very clever, but he is a friendly towards everyone, generally kind and very curious. Fred is still a child and therefore likable, nevertheless he can become very annoying since he wants to know and see everything you do. Over all he is courageous and endlessly trying to become your friend. He can survive on top of the office desks. He prefers to be in the places where he is surround by many people. Fred can be easily bored. If there is no movement in the neighborhood he will fall asleep.

Fred is a lamp with tracking sensor. He can look for color movement or distance of a user.

The user can be easily confused with reaction and attitude of a lamp. Fred is trying to get attention by a movement (which depends on the movement of the user).
If the lamp is picked up from the table, it loses its interactivity and become functionless.