The concept DiscoverDementia is about creating an intimate moment between the person with dementia and his or her relatives (also including care-takers). The concept focuses on patients in the mid-late phase of dementia, who have little to none possibilities in communication. Within this phase it is difficult for families to connect with their beloved father/mother/grandpa/grandma.

My approach is to use music/familiar sounds as a means to connect these two groups with each other once again (in a non-verbal way). By exploring sounds together in a tactile and intimate manner, beautiful interactions can emerge from the reminiscence: for example a gentle smile, a look or perhaps a story. The music/sounds are brought up by the assumptions of the family and they can be integrated in the cushion. Thereafter the relative takes the patient through the sounds of the cushion by hand and together they are able to discover which sounds trigger a reaction from the patient.

The goal of this concept is to (primarily) offer families an intimate moment in which they could have the feeling that there is a connection and in which the little things (i.e. a smile) are being valued. The ultimate goal is to eventually convert the frustration and the impotence of the family into a valuable visit of their diseased relative and hopefully also raise the family-participation.

DiscoverDementia Final Concept Video from Eriano on Vimeo.