Playful Interactions Lab

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Playful Interactions is one of the design research themes (started in 2008 within the Industrial Design Department of the Eindhoven University of Technology. The focus of the Industrial Design department is on designing intelligent systems, products and services for social/societal transformation.

Glowsteps2-zoom The focus of Playful Interactions is on changing people’s lives by designing playful systems that seduce people to activities that contribute to their health and wellbeing. As Huizinga wrote in his book ‘Homo Ludens’ (1938) people are inherently playful beings. How can we design products that allow for this playfulness in daily activities? We examine the range between designing for play and designing for a playful approach to all sorts of other activities.

It combines long term design research projects, and ID student design projects.

Who are Involved?

Playful Interactions consists of staff members, PhD candidates of the Industrial Design department of the TU/e and freelance designers who coach student projects at the ID department. They have a wide range of backgrounds, skills and interest, including interaction design, game design, art, psychology, computer science and business process design.

Furthermore, Playful Interactions is a close collaboration between the Industrial Design Department of the Eindhoven University of Technology and the Lectorate of Serious Gaming of the Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

Collaboration and clients
Our relations with industry and other partners include:

· IJsfontijn, Kompan, NYOYN, Yalp, Nijha, Red Bull
· Habion building solutions, Innovating service developers, Zuidzorg
· GGD, Beweegwinkel, Blixembosch revalidation centre
· NISB, Sport and Technology, various schools, organisation of Technology Promotion
· Tongelreep swimming pool, Links to Sportcentre Eindhoven Noord (SEN)
· Academic partners, e.g. Aarhus University, Leuven University (in Sixpac project)


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